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Then the hammer came down.

And the court descended into anarchy.

People needed to be restrained in their seats and the police flooded into the place of justice as people screamed bloody murder. It was the end of an easy trial, of a carefully constructed web of deception, of whatever chance good had of prevailing whilst Magpie was in the courtroom. The defendant was sure of his death sentence as soon as he walked into those docks but there was no chance of that happening with the lawyer that he had. There was nothing that Magpie could not twist to his advantage – that he was certain of. Even in an 'impossible case' with full eyewitness accounts and DNA samples against his client, he knew he would win as soon as he stepped up, because that was what he always did. He always won.

Magpie smirked and ran a hand through his hair with a smug, relaxed expression on his face. Not even flinching at the manicured hand that swept inches away from his face in an attempt to claw the flesh from his skull.





The demon had heard it all before, with it coming hand in hand of successfully defending some of the worst criminals that inhabited London. The man being taken down from the docks and having the handcuffs begrudgingly taken off his wrists by a sour faced enforcer was  indeed the psychopath that had been killing female doctors in the capitals east end, but since the case had been won and the serial killer walked free there was no 'proof' of that.

People began leaving the courtroom, whether in an orderly fashion or not were diverse among the different people in the courtroom. The Jury were filing sullenly from their seats, conflicted between their hearts and their heads on the matter that had just been closed. The police were handling some of the more rabid, aggressive spectators from the wooden public seats and probably straight into cells if they continued to lash our verbally and physically at anyone and everything. Magpie had a hard time keeping a totally straight face as he observed some members of the public being lifted off their feet and kicking out with their legs spastically, screaming till their faces went blue. Straightening his suit and rolling his shoulders, Magpie sauntered toward his still confused, buzz eyed client and his beefy enforcer that still had doubt inscribed into every feature, so the demon smiled at the fearsome officer and patted his client on the arm.

"You did good there Jack, how does it feel like to be free?"

Jack didn't reply, he just continued to look rather freaked out about the whole ordeal and twitch at every noise. So the demon took his arm and escorted him out of the room that would have surely sealed his fate indefinitely if he had not had such a wickedly good lawyer.

As soon as the pair stepped outside the paparazzi were on them. The light bulbs flashing and the frantic and angry tones of all the reporters didn't bother Magpie who simply put his face in his hand before whipping on a pair of dark Ray Ban sunglasses. However it affected Jack, who started to squeal at the attention and his lawyer knew that if they stayed mobbed by reporters any longer that Jack would get aggressive and start lashing out.

"Hey chuckles get over here will ya" Magpie remarked and motioned to the rugged enforcer that came over obediently and tugged the free killer away from the crowd and into the safety of an armoured vehicle a little more roughly than necessary. This left Magpie alone with the squawking, almost enraged band of paparazzi. He walked casually down the steps with a smile that matched, occasionally answering questions on the way down the marbled staircase.

"What does it feel like, continuing your winning streak Mr Smith?"

"How did you manage getting such a man free?"

"How sure were you of his innocence?"

"Have you had any contact with Ms Madeline's family?"

The last question he heard above all the noise and flashes, the one concerning the last victims family made him stop at the curb before he crossed and got into his car. Almost mockingly he leaned and looked left toward where the girls family were discreetly bundling themselves into their cheap, silver ford. The mother was crying her eyes out, Niagara Falls running down her face as she wailed into a handkerchief and her stone-faced husband patted her on the back. Madeline's Fiancé was also sharing a car with the mourning family and Magpie waited until he looked and shaded eyes caught stormy green ones.

"I'm terribly sorry for their loss, but they didn't get the right man"

Before anyone could even shout the word 'Firearm', the Fiancé screamed ferally and pulled a gun, aiming it directly at Magpie. The boy was a marksmen and the demon knew that he would hit his target as the silver barrel caught the afternoon sun.

The young man pulled the trigger.

A click of metal, spark of flame and searing gunpowder-

But Magpie had already gone.
Hey ho here we go xD
Kay this is not my best ever piece of literature 8D since i'm writing all of these parts tonight xD hehe
So yeh, rough outline and stuff ahoy!
If i get through i will promise better in my rounds xD

Next ---> [link]
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