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Magpie Reference

Name: Nicholas Peter Johnson (only himself and a few select others know this)

Commonly known as: Magpie

Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Age:  Human Lifespan (1573 – 1605) became a demon in 1845 and returned to Earth physically in 1878 (just in time for the invention of the Light Bulb) Overall life (438)

Chosen By: The Book

Gift:  None



Telekinesis: Magpie can move and do damage to object with his mind (Eg: shattering a glass window).
Note! He cannot hurt other people with his mind but he can hurt them with the things he is controlling.

Teleportation: Magpie can disappear and reappear in places at will but it depends on his mind about how well he does this. For example, Magpie is seething mad and decides to teleport to the 4th room on the fifth floor of an apartment complex; however his unstable mood leads him to teleport short at the entrance to the building. He can only take himself and objects on his person with him, he cannot take other people.

Silver tongue: (not so much ability but a skill) Magpie's way with words is undoubtedly a powerful thing, probably the thing to fear about him the most. He can make anything seem how he wants it to seem, make people see things the way he sees things, he can make eating radioactive waste seem like a good idea if he wants you to think it is. He doesn't have any contact with the persons mind besides his wording and it depends on the person's strength of character about how easy it is for him to make them 'see eye to eye'. He doesn't lie all the time but often it appears that way because he doesn't give you all the details even if he knows them.
For example there is a shady guy in the truck that you are about to get in, the man is a serial killer and Magpie knows this but doesn't want you to not get in the truck. He won't tell the person that it is safe, but he won't tell them the guy is a psychopathic serial killer either; he'll just say the guy is 'just a guy' which technically isn't lying.

Intelligence: As well as his silver tongue this is his most powerful asset. His mind is very, very sharp when it comes to HIS survival but it can be dulled by jealousy and greed. He always has a very businesslike view of everything and doesn't get attached to people; however since he is materialistic he gets attached to his belongings.
(But since he is a creature of sin, he does lust so he's more of a one night stand, gone before you wake up type)




Salt: Magpie cannot cross a line of salt and when coming into contact with salt of any kind it causes intense pain.

Pentagram: A commonly mistaken symbol that actually means protection from evil instead of evil. If you mark this big enough on a floor or ceiling it can trap Magpie and rend his powers useless.

Iron: He cannot cross an iron line or teleport into an iron room. Plus being attacked with an iron weapon will hurt more than usual and will hurt Magpie like a usual deep knife wound would hurt a regular human.

Exorcism: The body Magpie is using will revert back to normal and any injuries sustained during the demonic possession will catch up with the body and nine times out of ten the demon has been reckless with the body and the damage will be too severe for the human to deal with on its own, so the human will die. Exorcism will not kill Magpie but will send him back to hell to acquire another body. However this process can take months even years to achieve and on top of that Magpie is quite fond of his physical body so he won't take exorcism lightly.

Decapitation/Heart removal: Magpie needs his human body to be on earth, so if any damage is way too severe as in removing the head or the heart the body is useless and Magpie pops back down to hell for another body. He really won't be happy if you go after his head and will probably give you a lecture on how long it takes to get his hair right on a morning just to get it lopped off by whoever!

Hallowed ground: Won't kill him but it's like stepping on lava, it really hurts and Magpie prefers to avoid it when he can. If he can't then he likes getting whatever business he has inside over and done with as soon as possible.

Holy Water: Has the same effect as hallowed ground. It will not kill but it can burn the skin as it is like throwing a mid-strength acid on a demon. It works through clothing as well, so stepping on a puddle of the stuff will hurt.

Physical fighting: It not that he's wimpy, it's just his physical strength is not great, so he prefers a gun or a knife to do the fighting for him. Getting into a close combat fist fight with Magpie will probably end up with you being bribed, winning or him running away. He's all about survival, being hurt and killed aren't top on his priority list and he doesn't give a damn about honour code. He'll run if it looks like the odds aren't in his favour since demons are by nature the most selfish things in all of creation.


Physical appearance: Magpie is of average height (if not a little taller) and is lean yet muscular. He has a handsome face with well structured cheekbones and he has inverse monochromatic eyes that, as exotic as they are, usually kept behind the dark sunglasses that he wears most of the time. During his human day job however where he can't wear his sunglasses he wears contact lenses since he can't change the colour of his eyes. His eyes have a black sclera, a white iris and a dark grey pupil. He doesn't have any features that are particularly demonic besides his eyes because they say that eyes are the window to the soul. His build doesn't look amazingly fast which is partially true because he's not a fan of running since he may scuff his shoes but he generally likes taking life at HIS pace, playing by HIS rules. Magpie is often wearing very expensive clothing, his favourite being a full on black suit that has been specially tailored and is very well made, plus a black overcoat that is equally expensive.

Personality: Magpie is an egotistical, flash, demon bastard. Instead of being wholly, full out evil he is more charismatically evil, with people all over the world falling into the safe trap he weaves with words and deceit, just to be harvested for their juicy black souls that have been lured from good to divulge in sin and vice. He is very proud of his skills at gathering souls and is rather respected in hell even though he still hasn't got a promotion, which he would like very much. He's sly and has a very lively and powerful personality and he knows what he wants, exactly how and when he wants it. Magpie is also described as being smug, a hot-shot and cocky (sometimes a little too cocky), who is more than capable of keeping grudges against people with relentless taunting and belittling insults. However he can be 'persuaded' to work with someone he doesn't like if it's in his best interests or if you hit him hard enough. Magpie can be a very diverse character because he switches from his usual rational, calm and collected (with sarcasm of course) state to a completely enraged state very easily if put in the right situation since he can have bad mood swings. It is typical of Magpie to have all that is cutting edge and unreasonably priced because the boy likes his toys, very much so and grows very attached to his belongings. So damaging anything he owns including his clothes will get him coming down on your case like a ton of bricks and most times he puts material value over human life. Why should he care about humans? There dime a dozen. Saying that though, he does prefer humans above demons.

Magpie isn't too keen on Lucifer (his boss) because he has gotten rather cosy with his posh life on earth and would like to continue that way instead of all the crap he has to put up with and having to live through one too many apocalypse scares that shook the fragile humans that inhabit the earth. I mean 2000 really pissed him off because he got charged with the job of spreading a little fear and all he wanted to do was get a decent cup of coffee. But humans can't multi-task; they can't make a decent beverage and be scared at the same time. So even though he is seen as a respected demon, not even his own kind trusts him. This is good for them because if a demon came between him and his goal he wouldn't have much hesitation to grab the holy water. Its not clear if he wants to overthrow Lucifer and be the most powerful demon in the world...but i certainly wouldn't rule it out as a possibility if I were you...

So all in all he is an egotistical, materialistic, untrustworthy, diverse, sly, lively, smug, flash demon bastard who isn't too keen on his boss.

Does that sum it all up for you?



Magpie was born human with the name Nicholas Peter Johnson in the Great City of London in the year 1573. He was born into minor nobility and was a nobleman in the court of King James I. Nicholas was a greedy man and he always more. He saw the favours bestowed on the people closest to the king, the titles, the land and the wealth and he vowed to do whatever possible to achieve the same status as those closest to the king had.

So he went a about plotting, scheming, back stabbing and dirty dealing, anyone who got between him and his goals. His silver tongue and deceit cost many innocent their lives as they were accused and sent to their deaths all because of him. Gaining titles and wealth along the way, along with King James' trust it was still not enough, it would never be enough as Nicholas' greed was insatiable. He usurped others and stepped on a lot of toes, getting very cocksure of himself and soon learned the meaning of the phrase 'loose lips sink ships'.

He was discovered as the self serving, rotten wrong doer he was and he was sentenced to death. Nicholas was stripped of all titles, land and wealth leaving him a broken which was a worse than death for him. All was not over for the scheming Londoner as he used his manipulative powers to bribe the guard, promising the young man money if he sprung him out, money beyond his wildest dreams. The foolhardy boy, eager for even a sight of gold broke Nicholas out but then the fallen nobleman disappeared from people heads and sights altogether.

Before resurfacing as one of the accomplices to the failed Gunpowder plot. This time he was truly dead as he was hung and then buried in a cheap wooden box, in a shallow unmarked grave.

All his evil and resentment festered and he got his ticket straight to hell, where his soul was tortured for hundreds of years, burning all the humanity out of him and thus becoming a demon. He was rather powerful for a regular demon and soon his power was realized and he climbed up the ladder to the upper crust of demon society with the same tactics he had done as a human, earning him both a respected and feared reputation. Magpie (as he came to be called as Nicholas sounded 'too human') was soon sent up to earth to utilise his silver tongue in recruiting more souls for hell, turning even saints to sin.

However despite being a demon he has grown rather fond of his human form and earth in general and gets rather sick of amateur demons coming up and messing his rather cushy existence up. He sees himself as a true professional with his human job being a criminal defense lawyer, which is an excellent way to get the blackest most rotten souls. He got a serial killer of the hook in court with full eye witness accounts and video evidence against him by referring to a rather 'non-professional' relationship between the sister and the father and his left hand.

He celebrated with a round of drinks and a kebab.

How incredibly....human?
Read through it and tell me what you think xD
Seriously it took ages
and now i need to speed write my angels reference, speed draw his preview image and then speed write the audition 8D
Yay me xD

Try listening to
I'm feeling a theme song coming on >D
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Magpie: Throw salt on me and you will lose your ears D<

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